About Xgeek Squad


About Xgeek Squad

xgeek squad offers a robust cloud-based commerce platform for rapidly expanding businesses. We play a critical role in our customers’ processes. Our software manages the back office and delivers essential operational data to other mission-critical software systems, all while maintaining real-time connectivity with supply chain partners. We handle complicated processes and scalability needs with ease. We assist companies with numerous users, sales channels, warehouses, currencies, and tax needs, as well as critical CRM tools and connections such as accounting software, marketplaces, and a variety of other tools.

We founded the company with the goal of seeing millions of entrepreneurs flourish. We support this growth by delivering operational excellence, peace of mind, a best-in-class product, and a workforce that develops, adapts, and grows with our clients throughout their journey.


Who We Work With:

We partner with thousands of incredible commerce companies in over 100 countries that use our platform to trade more than USD 3.7 billion worth of products.

Commerce customers come from a diverse variety of sectors, including fashion and clothing companies, cosmetics, health and wellness, and food and beverage.

Some Of Our Services


In order to help us expand our company, we research local business concepts and their current state of growth.


When it comes to assisting new company owners in obtaining financing, we go above and beyond Listen carefully as we have a conversation.


We also provide guidance on a wide range of topics, such as corporate policy. It will have an immediate positive impact on your company.